With scrollers, last-viewed highlighting, column selection, and the quick search bar, it's easy to quickly find and navigate through cages and more.

Features You Know and Love

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Searchable Columns

If you've entered it into LIMS, it can be searched for. If you can't find the column you're looking for, let us know and we'll point you in the right direction or add it in the next release.

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Do you sometimes need to go through your search results one by one? That can be inconvenient if you have a large number of results, especially if it's hard to remember which one you've just been looking at. We thought so too, so there is a "scroller" component to most view pages. Look for it at the top of the page, and use it to go to the Next or Previous object in your most recent search results. It even tells you which search result you're currently looking at.

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Search Row Highlight Recall

Scrollers are great, but what if you need to view objects out of order? Scrolling around past things you're not interested in is a waste of time. But going back to the search page can be confusing, because it can be difficult to locate the last thing you clicked on. What if the search page showed which result you were just viewing? Well then, you'd be able to quickly orient yourself and work efficiently. LIMS highlights the row for the result you most recently were viewing, even if you used the scroller to get there from another result, so that you never lose your place.

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Search Column Selection

Let's face it, some search pages can have a lot of columns. They're all useful in some situations, but not in others. With the addition of so many more searchable columns in LIMS, things could get cramped. Instead of having little tiny search results or scrolling pages sideways off the screen, we've added the ability for you to select which columns you want to see whenever you use the searching pages.

Note that the columns selected for display are the same as the columns selected for searching. Otherwise, you could have results displayed with no obvious reason for them to appear there.

Note also that your selected columns will remain selected for that type of search until you logout. This can save you some time if you're going to different areas of the site and want to come back and do a similar search.

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Quick Search

Sometimes you know exactly what you're looking for and just want to go directly there from whatever page you're on. Maybe you need a person's contact information, or to see your AUP, or to view a particular cage. Simply put that information into the Quick Search box at the top of the screen and press enter. If you've entered something with only one result, like a cage barcode for instance, you'll be taken directly to that result's view page. If you've entered something with multiple results, like a common first name or a partial mouseline name, you'll go to a page with all the results listed by object type (ie. allele, mouseline, person, etc).

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